Join us as we discuss the changing email encryption landscape and how you can best protect the most used communication tool in your business. 

Encryption has moved past just being a tool you use to comply with legal regulations – although that is still a driving factor for implementation in some industries.  

The rise in data breaches and external threats has made sensitive data, both personal and corporate, more vulnerable than ever before. Social Security and credit card numbers, corporate trade information, financial news – any data that is stored, used and transmitted online and through connected devices is being exploited and monetized by skilled and motivated hackers.

But these threats aren’t just external. The threat of a disgruntled or even rushed employee is as real as the threat from outside attackers, especially if the proper tools and safeguards aren’t in place to prevent the accidental (or intentional) release of sensitive data.

Join Heidi Shey, Guest Forrester Analyst and Zix data security experts, on Tuesday, May 24 at 2 PM ET as we discuss how the email encryption landscape has shifted and the next steps you can take to ensure your data is secure. 

We hope you join us to learn more!

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