Google Apps Message Encryption


Let's Talk GAME!

Let's talk GAME!

GAME Designed by Zix

Google Apps Message Encryption (GAME) is an email encryption service for Google Apps customers. Designed by ZixCorp at the request of Google, GAME provides secure email to Google Apps users communicating outside Google’s secure cloud to all other email users.

GAME Advantages

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Trusted Reputation

GAME utilizes Zix encryption. Zix is the industry leader in email encryption with more than 15 years of experience in developing easy to use secure email. The nation’s most influential institutions in healthcare, finance and government use this leading technology.

Automated Key Management

The most complicated and costly aspect of email encryption is key management. With GAME, all key management is handled through the industry’s largest email encryption directory. This global community connects your organization to tens of millions of members, and it increases by approximately 100,000 members per week.

Fully Transparent Delivery

As a GAME customer, you can experience the industry’s only bidirectional transparent email encryption. When a GAME customer sends encrypted email to another customer on the same platform, the message is sent and received transparently – no passwords and no extra steps are required for the sender or recipient.

Google DLP

GAME is a natural fit for Google DLP. The Google DLP content filtering policy engine can trigger and route sensitive outbound content to GAME, for a seamless and automated encryption experience. Combined, DLP and GAME provide an outstanding corporate safety-net, to ensure email security and compliance.

Additional Resources

Online GAME Demo

Ready to see GAME in action? View our GAME Demo to understand how simple email encryption can be. We'll show you the sender and recipient experience.

Google VARs

We know you're busy, so we've taken the time to create GAME educational materials for you to share with your Google Apps customers including a pre-made email campaign and marketing collateral. Learn more by visiting our partner support page.